Grain-Free Tortillas

Grain-free tortillas can be hard to find and expensive. These on the other hand, are easy to make and very affordable! Plus they taste just like regular tortillas!


1 cup tapioca flour

3/4 cup coconut flour

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. xanthin gum

3/4-1 cup water


Mix all the dry ingredients together.

Start adding water until you reach a thick paste consistency. Gradually add more water until the dough starts to form a consistency where you make balls. Get your hands in and mix the dough well. This can take 5 minutes.

Get your hands wet and form small balls, about the size of a golf ball, about 20g, or if you want large tortillas, opt for larger dough balls. Use a rolling pin, or for best results - a tortilla press, flatten your dough ball to form a tortilla.

Tip: Use plastic wrap under and on top of the dough balls when flattening to not stick.

Place on a griddle or nonstick dry pan and cook until both sides are golden.

Vevian VozmedianoComment