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Hey You!

I know you have a lot on your mind and you need someone to talk to. Maybe you feel broken, anxious, depressed, rejected, or just lost? Allow me to help you find clarity through the fog.

By being vulnerable myself on social media in the last 7+ years, opening up and talking about my first marriage and divorce, being sexually molested by a family member and raped by someone I trusted, being part of a religion/cult and getting shunned, moving across the country with no support system, getting rejected by my entire family and working my way through it all. I feel like I can empathize with a lot people in different categories.

Through these 7+ years of me sharing my story, I’ve received 1000’s of Direct Messages and emails from women all over the world sharing their life story, struggles, personal issues, some of which they had never shared with anyone before, hoping I can help them somehow!

It became VERY apparent to me that my purpose was MUCH bigger than sharing recipes.

“The biggest obstacle in your life isn’t your boss, your job, the economy, other people, or God. It’s yourself.” -Anthony Moore

Once you stop being a victim to your external circumstances and instead become accountable, you can create whatever life you intend. Until you decide to change your decisions, you won’t be able to change your conditions.

By letting your walls down and becoming Beautifully Vulnerable through phone call based coaching sessions, we will discuss a process that will help you transform your current perspective on life. I am here to help you release what is not serving you and to create and allow more of what does. I look forward to guiding you on your journey to clarity.

Vevian Vozmediano